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4008 W. Alva St.,
Tampa, FL 33614

Phone: 813.877.1089
Fax    : 813.875.8837

Sales Hours
Monday through Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm

Warehouse Hours
Monday through Friday 9:00am to 4:30pm
Cody Barden
Warehouse Coordinator

Cody first joined the Bay Stage Live team as a part-time employee in the warehouse. His strong work ethic and growing interest in lighting led him to the full-time position as Warehouse Coordinator. “I enjoy the physical challenges of my job,” says Cody. Alongside his full-time job, Cody is also a part-time student studying Digital Multimedia. He hopes to apply what he learns both in the classroom and on the job, to one day become a front of house manager and/or designer for large productions. When he isn’t hard at work or hitting the books, Cody enjoys playing the drums and working on his truck.

Bay Stage Live understands the importance of a flawless event and is committed to providing quality customer service beyond regular business hours. Our 24-hour hotline is handled by one of our experienced team members, ready to assist you with any event/lighting emergencies.

For after-hour emergencies, call our office line at (813) 877-1089 and select option 3 for the emergency hotline.  Follow the guided instructions to receive an immediate response by one of our team members.

Yvonne Felicione Justo

After working for her family business as a young girl, Yvonne is now the President and Co-Owner of Bay Stage Live.  She worked for the company throughout high school always wanting to take on the challenge.  Alongside her Presidential duties at Bay Stage Live, Yvonne has recently retired from teaching for over 30 years.  Yvonne is a woman who has danced all of her life; her fondest memories are of the many years she danced and taught for Jackie’s Dance Studio. Her most cherished things in life are her husband, Brian, and their two daughters, Nicole and Danielle, who also work for Bay Stage Live.  She also loves to travel with her husband whenever she gets the chance. Yvonne values the employees at Bay Stage Live. “We have come such a long way from a simple rental company to now also specializing in the production and creative aspects of the industry. I credit all of our success to the dedication and talent of the people who work here.  I am so fortunate and proud to be working with such wonderful people.
Brian Justo

After meeting his now wife Yvonne; Brian began to work for Bay Stage Live in the 1970’s in hopes to one day own the family business.  Since he left Bay Stage Live he committed his career in the Wine Industry spending the majority of his time traveling all over the world.  In 1998 his dream came true when Brian and Yvonne bought the family business from Yvonne’s God Father, Sam Marino. Brian still has not given up his career and works for a Spanish family with five wineries located in Spain, his favorite place to travel. The little time he has outside of the Spanish Wine business and Bay Stage Live, Brian enjoys spending time with his wife, Yvonne, and their two daughters, Nicole and Danielle…if it can be within a party at their home, all the better.  Brian describes himself as “a man you would want to hang out with to enjoy good wine, food, and cigars and a lot of laughs.”
Nicole Justo Carballa
V.P. Business Development

Born and raised in Tampa, Nicole Justo Carballa has been with Bay Stage Live since 1998. Working primarily in Business Development, Nicole is part of the success Bay Stage Live has today.  Nicole is an active alumnus with the University of South Florida and an Advisor for the USF Delta Gamma Foundation. Most of her free-time is spent preserving historic Tampa homes and selling real-estate. She cherishes her adopted Labrador Retriever, Luke and spending time in her Seminole Heights Community with her fiancé Scott.  In the future, she would like to see Bay Stage Live grow to even higher heights. 

Danielle Justo Sherwin
V.P. Administration

Ever since Danielle can remember, Bay Stage Live has played a big factor in her life.  Born and raised in Tampa, Florida, Danielle grew up around the family business.  After receiving a degree in Psychology from the University of South Florida, she began working full time for Bay Stage Live in 2005 and is now the company’s Vice President of Administration.  She handles Human Resources, Accounts Payables, as well as Bay Stage Lives marketing efforts with her sister, Nicole. Working for the family business seemed like a perfect thing to do because family is what matters most to her.  Spending time with her husband, Mike, and her Cocker Spaniel, Max, is something she also enjoys doing very much.  Danielle enjoys shopping, people watching, being creative and being surrounded by people she loves.  In the near future Danielle hopes to start a family of her own!
Greg Utley
V.P. Creative Services

Greg joined the Bay Stage Live team in 2001. As a “creative eye” and lead LD for Bay Stage Live, Greg is the one responsible for bringing many visions to life.  The desire for a warmer climate brought Greg to St. Petersburg, Florida in 1998 from Loves Park, Illinois where he was born and raised. Greg is a man who values Chicago Cubs Baseball, Chicago Bears football, and good music. For over 17 years, Greg has taken great pride in working with the Special Olympics.  As a Lighting Designer, Greg’s inspiration comes from his favorite band “KISS”.  He enjoys what he does and it can be seen through his creative work, “I love Bay Stage because it allows me to explore the creative and fun part of life.”

Michele Tunstall
Administrative Coordinator

In the late 1980s, Michele came from Portland, OR to vacation in Florida and has been here ever since. Describing herself as crazy but loveable; Michele has been a part of the Bay Stage Live team since 2003. In addition to being the smiling face at the Sales Counter, Michele oversees expendable sales and inventory, account receivables, purchase orders, and client contracts. As a self-proclaimed “Gobo Queen,” Michele also handles all gobo orders. She says the lighting created by Bay Stage Live has really opened her eyes to a new, unimaginable world and just how much can be accomplished through lighting, “I love how lighting just brings every element together.” During her free-time she enjoys the beach, reading and being outdoors. She has a strong passion for sports and especially loves cheering on her college team, the Oregon Ducks. To get rid of all the stresses in the world, Michele finds serenity in crafting and making greeting cards.
Rafic Bsat
Technology Specialist

Rafic has been Bay Stage Live’s “go-to” man since 2007. He handles all research & development, quality control and repairs for all Bay Stage Live's equipment as well as items brought in from our customers. His knowledge about lighting equipment is invaluable and he has a talent that not many possess.  Since becoming part of the Bay Stage Live family Rafic has earned countless certifications from our vendors and manufacturers and many times is discovered to know more than the instructor.  Originally from Kuwait, Rafic came to the states in 2006.  When he is not repairing things around Bay Stage Live, he enjoys spending time with his lovely wife and son.  In his spare time, Rafic also enjoys listening to music, watching movies, and cookouts with family and friends.
Chris Hardt
Production Manager

Chris Hardt has been a part of Bay Stage Live since Halloween of
2008. She started as an Independent Contractor, moved up to the
Warehosue Supervisor position, and now coordinates all productions
and is responsible for independent contractor relations. She was a
young girl when she moved down to Sarasota, FL from Milwaukee, WI.
Chris majored in Theatre Arts and is part of the local theatre
community. When Chris is not preparing for Bay Stage Live
productions; she enjoys painting and reading everything from comic
books to classical literature. She loves her demon Manx named
Gallahad the Brave Hardt.
Career Opportunities
Patrick Robert
Warehouse Coordinator

Patrick is the newest addition to the Bay Stage Live team. Regardless of his recent coming, he has proven to be an integral part to our warehouse team. Patrick was aware of his audio visual interests since before college, and decided to major in Fine Arts with a concentration in Technical Theatre. His experiences as General Manager, Master Electrician, Technical Director, as well as business owner is what led his experience in lighting and productions to align perfectly with Bay Stage Live. The year long summer weather brought Patrick to Clearwater, Florida in 2004 from Pawtucket, Rhode Island where he had lived the majority of his life. He and his fiance are die hard Tampa Bay Rays fans, and have been season ticket holders for the past 5 years (you can usually find him in the front row in the right field). 

4008 W. Alva St., Tampa, FL 33614
P: 813.877.1089 - F: 813.875.8837
Sales Hours: Monday through Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm
Warehouse Hours: Monday through Friday 9:00am to 4:30pm
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Danielle Sanchez
Marketing Coordinator
pr@baystagelive.com <mailto:pr@baystagelive.com>

Danielle Sanchez (aka Sanchez) was enjoying her vacation in windy Chicago when she unexpectedly met Danielle Sherwin. Funny to find another person from Tampa, the two Danielles got to talking. It was time for Bay Stage Live’s yearly non-profit event: Movember. Because of Sanchez’s passion for non-profit and public relations/marketing background, Bay Stage live decided to hire on their Chicago friend. After Movember finished, Sanchez continued on as Bay Stage Live’s Marketing Coordinator. She said, “It was fate that I met Danielle in Chicago. Definitely meant to be and I am happy I am able to work with the Bay Stage Live Crew.” When Sanchez is not working, you can find her outside enjoying the weather or at a charity event.